Reviews From Our Students


Sculpting the Head in Clay // with the Option to Cast Reviews:

" What a wonderful experience this sculpting course has been. I had never done any sculpting before joining Duncan's class and was very nervous on the first day, but his relaxed teaching style made the whole experience so enjoyable. The hours went by in a flash and I grew in confidence each day. I will definitely be back to do another course next year. For anyone wanting to try their hand at figurative sculpture, I cannot recommend Duncan highly enough "

- Wendy Hendrie, Sculpting the Head in Clay participant

" Your demo was really helpful - to compare what I should have been trying to achieve with your near perfect head (we did find a few minor faults!) was enlightening. Also, the morning 'crit' of each others work was very helpful. You only see what you want to see of your own work. Others open your eyes and help to plan the way forward "

- Veronica Hutchby, Sculpting the Head in Clay participant


" As a beginner, I found the whole experience of creating a head in clay absorbing and rewarding.  We had a lovely model and Duncan provided excellent and encouraging teaching throughout the four days "

- Dee Cuddigan, Sculpting the Head in Clay participant


" I don't know about recovering after the course I think I had to come down from a high.  I'm enthusing about it to anyone and everyone if I get the chance.  So yes of course I'll give positive feedback "

- Trudy Thomas, Sculpting the Head in Clay participant


" I absolutely loved the whole process of making the head, and thank you again for your wonderful patience and good humour. It was certainly challenging, and I would love to do it again "

- June Wallis-Walker, Sculpting the Head in Clay and Casting in Plaster participant