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Reviews From My Students


Weekly Art Class Reviews:

" At first I had no confidence in my ability at all and in no time she brought me to the stage where I experiment confidently and produce work I am pleased with. She creates a wonderful atmosphere amongst her students and we encourage each other to push ourselves to achieve what we might have thought was impossible. Her teaching ability and knowledge of her subject is exceptional "

- Di Becker, weekly art class member   


" The few short hours spent in the studio with a group of friends all interpreting their own style is so liberating. We learn from each other and take pleasure in everyones comments "

- weekly art class member

" I`ve waited 50 years for a class like this. Carolyn allows you to develop at your own pace but at the same time keeps pushing your boundaries, encouraging you forward. I am amazed at my own progress "

- Pauline Brammen, weekly art class member

" I was trying to decide why I like the class so much and I think I know, the first half hour of each task I spend thinking that I`m going to fail to manage what you`ve asked me to do, and then by the end of the session you`ve magicked me into producing something I`m pleased with. Thank you, I really enjoy it "

- weekly art class member


" I am so glad I found Carolyn and her art group. She has encouraged me to loosen up and be brave enough to try anything - charcoal, acrylics, mono-printing, lino and mixed media. Others are using oils and you can work on a piece or a theme as long as you like with no pressure to finish. The atmosphere is very friendly and we encourage and learn from each other too. Carolyn makes us all feel we are artists producing work of value. I think she provides something pretty unique! "      - Penny Allan, weekly art class member

" I really enjoy and appreciate your art classes. I like the structure, the progression, and feel I am learning so much more than ever before! And I've been to a few classes over the years! Thank you"

- weekly art class member

" I felt I had peaked at a standard of producing paintings and drawings that I was not very happy with, so I wanted someone to help me move up to the next level.

That was Carolyn’s brief and she has delivered – I draw and paint a lot more professionally than before and I am excited about exhibiting at this year’s Open Studios

(rather than dreading it!), so a big ‘thank you’ to Carolyn for extracting a small kernel of talent from me! "                                                                                                                                

- Peter Lawton, weekly art class member

" From personal experience, I have found that Carolyn is a wonderful teacher for students of all levels; teaching basic skills to beginners and inspiring more experienced students to see, think and experiment with the kind of work that they produce.  Her classes are welcoming, friendly and inspirational. "           

- Hilary Stokes, weekly art class member

" I had done no art since I was at school ( forty years ago) and was nervous that I would feel out of my depth. Carolyn was reassuring right away, and I knew on my "taster" session that I would be very comfortable with her support and help. I have now been attending the Monday sessions for over a year ,and they are a highlight in my week . Under Carolyn's guidance I feel as if I am finding my way at my own pace in the class of mixed abilities and experience. I would encourage anyone to give Carolyn's classes a try, it could open a new and exciting door. "                                                       

- Cindy Tassel, weekly art class member

" I have attended the Tuesday class for almost 1 year. It is friendly and supportive and a great place to brush up old art skills, learn something new or just enjoy being creative with like-minded people. Carolyn is an excellent teacher and the studio space has everything you need for your creations. "    - G.T., weekly art class member

Life Drawing Reviews:

" Carolyn's weekly classes and bi-monthly life drawing sessions are pure delight. You can transport yourself at a life drawing class, learn levels of concentration that leave no room for the trials and tribulations of daily life. At the weekly classes you absorb a range of skills, a bit like a mini foundation course. Time passes quickly and you're staring at work not quite sure how you managed to produce such an image. Criticism is always useful and kindly given, the groups are entirely supportive, Carolyn's classes are the best therapy. "                                                                                   - Krissie Sorel-Cameron, weekly art class member and life drawing participant

" Although I had been feeling anxious that I would find life drawing intimidating and difficult, I found the atmosphere in Carolyn’s class very friendly and supportive. I soon felt that not only was I learning a huge amount, I was thoroughly enjoying myself too. Carolyn gives excellent one to one tuition, so even as a beginner I felt able to develop at my own pace. It was also inspiring to be able to see the beautiful work of more experienced members of the class. By the end of the session I was surprised and quite pleased with what I had achieved, but more importantly I felt elated by the whole experience and keen to do more! " 

- Christine Wright, life drawing participant

" The classes run by Carolyn are a real joy.  They normally run from 10am to 1pm on Wednesday and Saturday once a month.  They are well worth going to.  You always get a good professional model, and Carolyn puts in a lot of work to make sure that you are learning as much as possible.  We often have a short talk before beginning the drawing in which she shows us works by other artists in the particular medium we are using on that day.  Carolyn provides all the materials, and generously too.  Masses of paper and paints/chalks/charcoal etc.  At the end of the morning I am usually exhausted, having concentrated so hard, but it is a good learning exercise as well as good fun. "       

- Averil Cooper, life drawing participant

" To start with I found the idea of life drawing quite intimidating as I had no experience at all. I need not have worried the informal atmosphere and attentive teaching and guidance from Carolyn, together with the friendly attitude of fellow students made it inspirational and something I am keen to repeat whenever possible. "

- Cindy Tassel, life drawing participant

" I consider life drawing to be an essential part of my practice and Carolyn really helps me to get the best out of my drawing. She is an excellent teacher tutor for professionals and beginners alike. The two locations she uses are perfect and the models are always very professional. "                     - Melodie Cook, life drawing participant









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