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Weekly Art Classes

Taught by : Carolyn MacArthur, (

Location :   The Drawing Studio at Church Farm Barn Studios

The weekly classes lead people, at their own pace, through a broad range of exercises with the aim of building confidence, understanding and skill. We first work through the fundamentals of line, tone, colour, mark making, space, composition and form, through the practice of drawing, painting, mixed media and print making.


During this time people become increasingly aware of their own interests. Discovering the work of other artists as well as gathering interesting imagery, they naturally begin to explore and develop themes that are beginning to take form in their work.


Encouraging experimentation is central to my way of teaching. It is through the exploration of media and techniques and accepting the unexpected detours that occur in the creative process, that ideas can be developed and pushed to their full potential.

Annual participation in the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios:

Each year we open The Drawing Studio to the public as part of NNOS as a chance for members of the Weekly Art Classes to showcase the work they have been developing.

Times and Prices :

Monday classes:  9.30 – 12.30pm or 1pm - 4pm

Tuesday classes: 9.30 – 12.30pm or 1pm - 4pm

- £28 per class, payable every 10 week term (£280)

   there are 4 terms per year

- All paper is provided free and other art materials are provided by students, they can be ordered through the group at cost price 

- Maximum 6 people per class

- Suitable for all abilities

- There are approximately 40 classes per year minus bank holidays                 (depending on the calendar year)

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